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Science Fiction & Wildlife Comissions
I will take commissions for science fiction (based on TV or films) and wildlife (animals, plants/flowers, landscape) etcetera. I will keep commissions as cheap as possible since I am no expert on making digital art however I have some creative flare as you can see from the pictures above. 
##~~Original Idea = DoctorWhoOne~~##

Doctor Who is such a unique and enchanting show that breaks the boundaries of reality like nothing else ever have done, for some it's a passion, for some it's a passing love, for me... Well for me it's an obsession. And here's why. 

1st Doctor Dance To start off, I've been watching the show since I was two years old. My first memory of it was back on March 26th, It was the day my parents got married and also the day Doctor Who was revived after its cancellation in 1989. (now if that isn't a good way to remember your parents wedding anniversary I don't know what is!) It was after the wedding ceremony, while all the other socialized in the kitchen, my parents went to watch their favourite childhood show 'Doctor Who'. For me this was the start of an era, an era of infinite nerdiness and over 50 years worth of knowledge. I don't really remember that much about the whole situation if I'm honest, I've just been told the story many times and seen the pictures of me staring into the TV as the title sequence came on. Back then I was probably thinking 'oh em gee look at dem colours' because, you know, I was two.

2nd Doctor Dance Apparently, I watched every single episode after that, all the way through Eccleston and Tennant. But the first story I remember watching properly is 'The Next Doctor' all the way back in 2008 (nearly 10 years ago!) I actually hid behind the sofa when I saw the Cybermen, I remember that well (again, thank you, dad for being so prompt with the camera :>) That episode is still one of my favourites, even though I don't think it's one of the best ever episodes of Doctor Who, or New Who either for that matter, it holds a special place in my heart. This will of all been back when my dogs were still alive (I still have dogs, but not the same ones) so thinking back to all this reminds me of them, which is nice since I don't really get reminded of them that much.

3rd Doctor Dance Skipping on a bit past the 2008-2009 specials we reach 'The End of Time'. The months leading up to this were filled with excitement because we all knew that the Doctor was going to regenerate yet again like he had done in 'The Parting of The Ways', I remember being outside with my dad moving a lot of wood from our garden so we could build a fence and saying 'who do you think will be the next Doctor?' admittedly I don't have a clue what he said in response but it's still a nice memory. This is really when Doctor who started to have more of an impact on my life, my great grandma had just died and to have this seemingly 'immortal' character to 'befriend' me was really comforting, because after my great grandma died I really began to contemplate that all life ends and eventually I would die myself. I also used to get bullied a lot in school, so seeing all these strangers come together to help the Doctor made me feel really 'warm' inside, if that makes sense. It put more hope into me because I now knew that not everyone in my life was going to be mean to me because I liked different things to them.

4th Doctor Dance Moving on to the Matt Smith years now, what fun memories I have from these days. Firstly, when it reached the time to watch 'The Eleventh Hour' and me and my family had all sat down to watch it, the TV wouldn't work. I promptly ensued panicking and hurried to the other room (which had a smaller, chunkier TV mind you, ah the struggles) to turn on BBC One before it started (these were the days before we paid for Sky to record everything like we do now). Sure enough however, I made it. Them first few opening minutes are possibly some of the best minutes of Matt Smith's era as the Doctor, and maybe even the best few minutes of New Who in general. The action-packed opening with the Doctor falling out of the TARDIS, and the humor as he walked into the tree all added together to make any child grin with delight. These goofy accidents are what made the 11th Doctor so special to me because I was (and still am) a bit of a goofball, and after seeing him in action for the first time it sent a message: It's OK to be a little weird and goofy sometimes. A few months before 'The Eleventh Hour' aired I began properly collecting, a thing which has carried on ever since. My room is now full of around 7 years worth of merchandise which claims a whole corner of my room (well done BBC marketing department!)

5th Doctor Dance Ah yes, the 50th anniversary. I got the day off school on the 22nd of November 2013 to travel down to London in time for the Doctor Who Celebration at the Excel center, which would be my first ever convention! *cough* And god knew it wouldn't be the last... *cough* At the convention I bought lots of merchandise from the various stalls in the merchandise hall (which was huge, by the way!) and I met Matt Smith, in person, completely by accident. Yes, by accident. He (well, we assumed) was on his way to his dressing room to get ready for a panel when he walked past the doors of the lobby where we were waiting to go into a panel, he walked past but then walked backwards and looked into the lobby and grinned before walking in to say hi! I also met a few other people here, but none of them trump Matt Smith. Well okay maybe Sophie Aldred was a bit cooler.

6th Doctor Dance ZAP BANG WALLOP! "Where in the Great One's name am I?" (All hail the Great One) is what I asked myself when I walked into the building for my first day of high school. 2014 was indeed my first year of high school, and Peter Capaldi was the Doctor. As hard as I tried I was struggling to make friends and I couldn't find a single person with any common interests. So, instead of going out at breaks and lunches like the 'normal' kids I would try and find jobs to do for teachers, but eventually my French teacher saw something was up and put me into a place called Enrichment, I won't go into much detail about this but it's a place at my school where people who struggle to make friends can go at break and lunch to 'socialize'. I still didn't really enjoy it much in there but it was better than doing jobs all break and lunch. Peter really helped me through 2014 as he was such an influential character in my life at this point.

7th Doctor Dance As the summer of 2015 arrived I planned a Doctor Who marathon, I watched all of series 1-8 in 6 weeks plus 15 classic stories. That was really just to pass the time, though. And cue series 9! What can I say about series 9 other than WOW?! It was amazing, and showed me that to be a good person sometimes you have to make a sacrifice, which has helped me improve a lot as a person. There isn't really much else to say other than that, so I'm going to move on...

8th Doctor Dance He's back, and it's about time! After no Doctor Who for a whole year we finally got 'The Return of Doctor Mysterio'. I won't rant as much on this but I will say: The whole theme of love between the Doctor and River Song helped me to realise who I truly loved, and showed me how to accept how I felt about people. So, yeah. This was You, Me and Doctor Who (that's probably a title for a book or something.)

"One day, I shall come back, yes I shall come back..."

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